Enjoy Fly fishing in Slovenia, a geographically diverse and very beautiful country with many different types of fish to chose. An experience you wont soon forget.
The fish of thousand throws or as its also known as the king of the river, can reach up to 1.5 meters in length. It is a true fishing challenge and one of the biggest trophy in freshwaters for every fisherman.
Whether you prefer the azure cold and crystal clear alpine rivers carved out by melting ice, or the slow flowing chalk stream, rivers of Danube basin will give you the chance to catch Danube salmon/hucho hucho, or beautifull emarald rivers of Adriatic basin that have a big marble trout or marmorata in their depths. Slovenia will provide you with all your fishing needs.
Fly fishing in Slovenia under the alps

Fly fishing in Slovenia

During a long period of time glaciers carved the land that is today called Slovenia, creating amazing landscape and especially rivers, creating crystal clear Alpine rivers, wide Danube basin rivers and emerald coloured Adriatic rivers like Soča. Not only offering amazing sightseeing these Slovenian rivers contain truly amazing fishing opportunities such as Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Marble Trout, Grayling and the Mongolian Taiman’s cousin the Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho) or as its best known, the fish of thousand throws.

We believe that with our guides, you will be able to enjoy nature, rivers and the fish, as we will do our utmost to ensure you will have an memorable fishing trip in our small yet beautiful country. We promote catch and release of our fish as we strive to protect our waterways by encouraging fly fishing tourism. Join us on our quest to save and preserve rivers by enjoying your fishing holidays with us.

About us

We are a group of people that love fly fishing. That in turn made us want to share that passion of fly fishing in Slovenia with others and decided to promote and preserve our absolutely amazing waters in Slovenia by sharing it with other fishing enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on giving our guests an unforgetable experience, which will make you want to come back! We are happy to have met many interesting people that have come to fish with us and we are looking forward to fishing with you as well.

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Our guides will take you to the best rivers spots depend on your fly fishing wishes and demands. We will serve you with the best local food and drinks that no one could resist and take you to visit some of the most famous and beautiful Slovenian natural seight seeing places like Postojna cave or lake Bled.
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