Why Fly fishing in Slovenia


Fly fishing was once reserved for nobles and kings and while techniques and materials used have evolved, it is still considered a sport of noble and passionate spirit.

Many rivers in Slovenia are extremely well preserved and at some points still drinkable, with a very diverse and healthy fish population and other flora and fauna. What makes Slovenia stand out as a fly fishing destination is that it is a very diverse and small country, which is excellent for experiencing fishing in many different rivers, ranging from small fast flowing rivers to slow flowing wide rivers not to mention rivers on limestone area and all the valleys, creeks and streams. Perhaps the biggest beauty of Slovenia is in being able to be on several different rivers in the same day.

We at SloFlyfishing are very passionate about fly fishing and we do our best to help protect nature and rivers by promoting tourism in fly fishing. We are proud to welcome guests from all over the world and we do our best to create a magical experience which you won’t easily forget and will keep Slovenia as a country in a very lovely memory. Our team is an experienced group of people who try to bring the best out of each visit that we get, by enabling our guests a wide variety of activities that even your travelling companions, who might not be as enthusiastic about fishing as you are, can also enjoy visiting our small but geographically diverse country.



Fish that roam the waterways


Slovenia has two river basins waterways, Danube river basin, that get name by river Danube, which is second larger river in Europe and this basin include about 81% of all the rivers in Slovenia that flow into Danube river, while Adriatic river basin get 19% of rivers that draining into the Adriatic sea. In these rivers our guests can find a variety of fish such as:

  • Brown trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Grayling
  • Marble trout
  • Danube salmon/Huchen


Rivers and nature in Slovenia is truly amazing and we can be proud to present you with such amazing ambient to fish in. We strive to enhance your fishing experience by taking you to hidden streams and quiet river locations, so our customers can relax without interruptions and focus only on fishing. By being in a natural environment the mind can calm itself from all the worries and stress of everyday life, entering meditation like status where you will be able to connect to nature and become one with it.



Theres more to SloFlyfishing than just fishing


No fly fishing adventure can truly be a complete adventure without having a lovely place to stay or do fishing on an empty stomach. By choosing us for your fishing trip, we do our utmost to creating a positive, warm and amazing experience which won’t soon be forgotten. We have many partners that would accommodate you professionaly, whether you wish to sleep beside a river in a family run fishing themed motel or prefer to sleep in a luxurious hotel in the middle of our capital Ljubljana or maybe even experience countryside tourism, where you will be able to relax in the mountains after a fun day of fishing.

If you are feeling more adventurous we can show you many of natural and man made landmarks in Slovenia. Being small has it’s advantages and one can go from Ljubljana to mountains, plains or sea in less than 1.5 hour drive. And rest assured, despite being small there is much to see and much to experience! We offer a wide range of activities such as mountain biking, tennis, golf, horse riding, tour guides such as Postojna cave where you can see the world famous human fish, a wooden boat ride on Bled lake with a guide of Bled castle and for the adrenalin enthusiasts there is also a zipline in Bovec, or to explore all the hills and mountains with a dedicated guide.

As all these activities will no doubt make everyone hungry (including us), you can chose what and where you want to eat, it being traditional Slovenian cousine or the famous balkan grill cousine, sushi or other top of the line cousine offers in top rated restaurants.



Decide how and where you want to spend your best fishing trip


We do our best to make sure your fishing trip turns into unforgettable holidays and as such we always listen to your desires to tailor your trip in a way you want it to be. When contacting us please tell us what your preferences are and how long you wish to spend in Slovenia, so we can create a schedule and a complete and detailed plan of both fly fishing, sight seeing and most importantly, eating. By visiting us you will also help us maintain the beautiful nature and natural habitat of the fish in Slovenia, that unfortunately are under threat due to plans to build dams. With your visit, we are able to donate to movements that seek to preserve these beautiful rivers and fish. Thank you for sharing your life’s moments with us!


With best regards,


The SloFlyfishing team.