Slovenia’s Rivers


Main rivers

Wide rivers with deep pools and side rivers with rapid streams are places in which Danube Salmon / Hucho loves to hide and if your wish is to catch a trophy Danube salmon, then this is the place to go fishing. Besides Danube Salmon, main rivers are filled with big Graylings and wild Rainbows. Brown Trouts are a bit rare in these waters, for they are prefer smaller Danube rivers and streams, but if you manage to catch one you will not be disappointed as they are quite big in these waters. True challenge will be fly fishing for the big Grayling, wild feisty Rainbow or in winter, the king of the waters Danube Salmon. Adriatic rivers are more than perfect for lovers of Marble Trout and Grayling. In these azure green rivers, you can try your luck in catching a giant Marble Trout which is accompanied by Adriatic Grayling, the cross breed of marble and brown trout.

Alpine rivers

Alpine rivers are breathtaking in every step, their cold and crystal clear water allowing you to see to the bottom of their deep pools. This is a majestic place for lovers of Brown Trouts in cold river bowls and alpine torrents. In these rivers you will find some of the most beautiful Rainbow Trouts with remarkable red cheeks and famous red lines on their sides. In lower parts of the river Graylings can also be found. Mountain rivers are breathtaking with every step and every throw of your fly.

Chalk streams

A paradise for lovers of dry fly fishing on Graylings and Brown Trouts. They are slow moving with lots of flora and insects as food for fishes. Smaller rivers and streams are located only 10 kilometres away from the capital city of Ljubljana. They offer some of the most beautiful Grayling catches that can be found, as well as the always popular Danube Salmon. You should not be surprised if a 100 centimeter Danube Salmon takes your Grayling or Trout, which you just had on your line in a small river stream. Chalk stream rivers have lots of springs and smaller tributaries which are perfect places for spawning salmonids and cyprinids, which are main source of food for Danube salmon resulting in high population of all sizes. However Rainbow trout population is lower in chalk streams then in Alpine or Main rivers.



Fishing opportunities


Brown Trout fly fishing Slovenia

Brown Trout

A fish famous all around the world it is a native to Danube river basin in Slovenia. Fairly common in higher or middle areas of rivers across Slovenia. They can be found in the upper parts of rivers where there is no pollution or water regulation and luckily there are still many such rivers in Slovenia. Known to develop its masking pattern specifically for each river it is in, Brown Trout often surprises us when caught. A shy predatory fish, it prefers staying in hidden and masked places. For many it is the most beautiful fish in Slovenian rivers that can boast with being very hard to catch on fly fishing technique, and a must have for a trophy picture. It can grow up to 90 cm (35 inches) and weight of 10 kg (22 pounds). Fishing season for one of the most beautiful freshwater fish starts on 1st of April until the 30th of September. Up to 45 cm (18 inches) brown trout can regularly be caught.


Rainbow Trout Slovenia fly fishing

Rainbow Trout

Best known for its rainbow colour, it is a very good fighter that likes to take the fly. Found across Slovenia it presents a good challenge to catch. By not being sensitive to river pollution as Brown trout, it can be found in most Slovenian rivers. Not a native fish in European rivers it was also brought to Slovenia which made fly fishing even more exciting. Now it spawns and repopulates by itself. During its spawning time from December to March, male Rainbows lower jaw becomes noticeably curved and develop bright red colour on its sides. They are also know by their huge jumps while hooked or swimming up stream. Grows up to 90 cm (35 inches) and 10 kg (22 pounds). Up to 50 cm (20 inches) Rainbow Trout can regularly be caught.




Grayling Fly fishing Slovenia


An ideal fish for fly fishing, it is well represented in Slovenia with having a stable population. Famous for out of the water jumping acrobatic abilities, its most notable feature being its colourful back fin. A very attractive fish to catch with a dry fly, they live in the middle section of Danube river basin. In Adriatic basin rivers we can find its relative Adriatic Grayling or also know as “Soča Grayling” which is more rare than a Danube Grayling. With its fly fishing season starts on 15th of May and lasts until 31st of November, it is considered a very popular fish and an absolute favorite with fishermen who prefer to use dry fly fishing technique. With a size up to 60 cm (23 inches) and a weight at 3.5 kg (8.8 pounds) its an excellent trophy catch. Spawning time is from March to May. Up to 45 cm (18 inches) Grayling can regularly be caught.




Marble Trout fly fishing Slovenia

Marble Trout

Native to Adriatic basin, it can only be found in Adriatic rivers. Known for its pattern which resembles a marble, it is considered the pride and symbol of Slovenian fly fishing and it faced a near extinction due to release of Brown Trout into their habitat resulting in crossbreeding of the two species. With the effort of fishing and local enthusiasts the “Marmorata” population is almost fully recovered. Younger and smaller Marble Trouts feed on insects and is a common catch on nymph or dry fly, while bigger ones that feed on small fish, are renowned for being very strong and make for an excellent trophy catch. Its spawning time lasts from October until January and can grow to 130 cm (51 inches) and weights up to 22 kg (55 pounds). Up to 70 cm (26 inch) marble trouts can regularly be caught.



Danube Salmon Huchen fly fishing Slovenia

Danube salmon / Huchen

Known as the king of the river. A rite of passage to become a full fledged fisherman is to catch a Danube Salmon. Owing it’s name to being the biggest member of the Salmonidae family of the Danube river basin, it was named as Salmon of Danube, Danube Salmon or Huchen. Related to Mongolian Taimen, it is a must catch for any fisherman craving for an ultimate challenge using fly fishing technique. As a very specific fish to catch, we provide our customers with high quality hand made lures with realistic painting that imitate its prey. It can only be found in the Danube river basin, Huchen fishing must always be done in pairs with a professional to ensure a proper release of this incredible fish. It is native only to Danube river waterways. Smaller salmons feed with insects, fry fish or fish eggs, while bigger feed on fish or any animal they come across, such as frogs or rodents that end up in water. Today their biggest threat comes from building dams and river regulations as it disturbs their spawning migration and food supply, as smaller fish are affected by river destruction. Up to 90 cm (35 inch) Danube Salmon can regularly be caught, while it is not unusual to hook a 130 cm (51 inches) one with over 25 kg (50 pounds). Spawning time starts in March and ends in June.


Note that fishing season stars differently for every fish with fly fishing season starting on the 1st of March and lasts until November 31st, and Danube Salmon/Huchen starting on 1st of October and lasts until the 14th of February.



River beauty of Slovenia


Slovenia is a land which is geographically very diverse thanks to glaciers carving the many valleys and river ways, creating unique and breathtaking rivers. Slovenian rivers are divided into two river basins. 81% of Slovenian rivers go into Black sea and are a part of Danube river basin, while the remaining 19% belong to Adriatic river basin. Rivers that originate in alps are always clear and breathtaking wherever they flow.

Fly fishing Slovenia river

Being a very diverse country, it offers an incredible variety of rivers, going from alpine crystal clear streams to slow flowing rivers. Each of the river and streams are so unique and different it is truly hard to pick a favorite river. They all offer their own challenges and characteristics, and offer great variety to enable every fisherman to strive to perfect their fishing techniques.

Fly fishing Slovenia mountain river

Being blessed with having such diverse natural waterways, we are able to proudly enable you an amazing visit in which one can take a deep breath and enjoy in both pristine nature and challenging fishing. With our intimate knowledge of all the hidden streams and untouched river locations, we can offer our guests only the best that Slovenia has to offer, both in the quality of fish that can be caught and in the breath taking environment. By being in such secluded natural places, our customers are able to achieve a relaxed state of mind and recharge their energy. In a place of truly untouched nature, one can connect with it and enjoy the beauty it gives to us.

Fly fishing Slovenia Danube basin river


We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you and with your help we will be able to preserve these magnificent rivers from dam building by developing fishing tourism. By developing fishing tourism, pristine rivers gain a much greater commercial value while at the same time providing fish with a clean habitat to prosper and fisherman with amazing rivers to be in.