Hucho Hucho most of his life spent in the deeper parts of the river and hidden under large rocks or some roots. It is a very shy fish and does not like proximity of humans, so it is difficult to cheat on artificial lures and of course to catch.

Fly fishing for Huchen became highly popular in recent years and many have decided to try their luck on this giant with fly fishing technique. With proper lures and good weather conditions – when Danube Salmon is active hunting – this can be achieved, that we can cheat Hucho Hucho and catch it on a fly fishing technique.

Some fly fishermen use two-handed fly rods that are used for Salmon and Steelhead fly fishing, while others use traditional single fly rods from No. #9 up to #12th. I use a single fly rod no. #10 saltwater type. As for the other techniques twine and throw terms, this is all a matter of individual preference and because I see myself hunting huchen through military philosophy and tactics, where calculated improvisation is crucial. The largest problem and at the same time the charm of hunting Huchen is in the fact that it requires a crucial single approach to water as Danube Salmon has a much greater lateral line nerve which is very sensitive and can detect even the slightest shocks and vibrations in water. Research studies indicate that Huchen hears the sounds of the river coast very clearly, making a silent approach to it’s feeding grounds that much harder. Considering these facts, classic fly fishing is very difficult if not impossible for hunting Danube Salmon, which forces Huchen fisherman to be as creative as possible.

Artificial flies which are used for catching Danube Salmon are generally larger streamers and, of course, bound in various shapes and colors. Some huchen fishermens make their own, depending on the terrain and habits of the Danube salmon in certain rivers.

I invite you to watch a short video about a Catch & Release video about Danube Salmon, and stay tuned for more reports about this this wonderful fish, that we as a community should do our best to preserve it for future generations.

As always, tight lines!

Danube Salmon Huche Fly Fishing

Jost Hašaj