Noble spirit of Fly Fishing


A saying goes »there’s a time and a place for everything«. We at SloFlyfishing took that saying and worked on it and can now say that »for every fisherman theres a river and a time to catch the fish you want«. We do our best to advise our guests how to use their choice of fishing technique based on the river they decide to be on and the fish they are fishing.

With Slovenia being small, we can take you to several geographically different rivers with different variety of fish in the same day as they are not far apart, thus freeing your already busy schedule to be able to do some sight seeing or relaxing as well. With rivers being relatively close to each other, we can customise your fishing experience to your wishes and priorities. Our guests pick their own experience, destination and trophy fishing wishes. All that facts put Slovenia on the top of fly fishing and Danube Salmon fishing destinations.




We at SloFlyfishing put rivers in 3 categories:


mainriverMain rivers

These waters are a perfect pick for fishermen who love to fly fishing and catch Grayling or Rainbow Trout on nymphs. In these waters fish often grow to trophy size. During winter months, pools on main rivers are the right place to catch a trophy Danube Salmon. With rivers that are a part of Danube river basin, it is a place of incredible fishing opportunities that touches the soul of any fishing enthusiast in diverse rivers where feeling of tight lines is only surpassed by the catch of a trophy fish.



fly fishing slovenia alpine riverAlpine rivers

Breath taking rivers in every season, these gin clear waters provide the perfect conditions for fly fishing on wild coloured Brown Trout under the high peaks. Evening hatch is on schedule for dry fly lovers. Their unique colour inspired poets to write songs of their beauty and one of the alpine daughter rivers named Soča is called the Emerald Beauty due to its emerald like green water. Rivers like Soča and other rivers of Adriatic rivers basin have two Slovenian fish pearls, Marble Trout and Adriatic Grayling.


karst chalk riverChalk streams and Karst region

Slow moving rivers with lots of flora and fauna makes up for some of the best dry fly fishing conditions. Hatch time is longer here then on other rivers and is an absolute dry fly paradise for anglers who want to catch Graylings, Rainbow and Brown Trouts on fly fishing technique. Karst region is best known for its porous grounds as many world renowned caves were made due to karst ground, such as Postojna cave which is the most visited cave in Europe. Landscape in karst region is diverse and compliments the river’s attractiveness.



For those who want more

A very special challenge lies in fishing Danube Salmon (or also known as Hucho Hucho) with a fly fishing technique. It demands a special kind of persistence and passion to catch and is the ultimate trophy fish any true fisherman must have. Weather conditions for catching a Danube Salmon are crucial and we recommend smaller rivers and streams for catching it with fly fishing technique. On the bigger rivers we recommend the spinning technique, where you will be able to hunt for your trophy Hucho Hucho with our high quality hand made baits, that imitate the natural prey of Danube Salmon.