Slovenian rivers

While Slovenia is a popular fly fishing destination, it was always famous for its rivers, with even poets writting about them in great detail and length so it should came as no suprise that both fish and fishermen enjoy them as well. Slovenia is very geographically diverse despite its small size, having a wide range of different environments such as Julian Alps that make the crystal clear Alpine rivers, the lowlands with its wide rivers and the sea side in which the Adriatic rivers flow or the Karst area with its porous ground and many caves. Many of the rivers and valleys are tourist attractions such as Soča river, Krka river or Idrijca.

With such lovely scenery and nature, fly fishing will be an absolutely lovely experience. If you prefer nymph fishing or streamer fishing there are rivers and fishing chances for everyone to enjoy. Slovenian rivers provide with fish such as danube salmon (huchen), brown trout, rainbow trout, marble trout and greyling which will be enough of a challange for any fisherman!